Here's the thing...

I've always been a coach, from the time I could talk I was bossing everyone around, showing them how they can improve their lives (Even if they had no interest in my ten-year-old opinion).


I spent over a decade in managerial roles. I adore seeing people thrive, taking on talent and helping them grow, the bliss I feel from seeing someone succeed will never change. But investigating people for time fraud, YUCK. Giving people warnings because they dick around at work, no thanks.… Or telling a crying staff member, "This year, unfortunately, you don't qualify for a pay-rise" when I know she can't afford daycare… You get the picture. This is why I left my old life managing teams of people across states/country lines and decided to go into business for myself.


I develop talent with strong work ethics and intelligence. Taking the time to provide the tools to get them to the next step. The ones that go above and beyond, who have a vision for a better life, rule breakers, willing to take the chance to make the company/ their career better. They just need someone to help find the path for them to follow. And you bet when I guide them to it, they will run straight for it. Those are the game changers. Those are the people I work with.


I've helped people navigate complete 180s in their careers, change their perspective, so they no longer feel trapped, and enabled them to overcome their fear of change. I’ve done it for them and I can do it for you.