Should you consider a career change (even in a pandemic)

Wow 2020, phew what a crazy ride that was. As it wound down there was a collective sigh, thank God that rodeo show is over. Now it's 2021, a new year, everything is amazing, you're rejuvenated ready for a fresh start, feeling like a brand new woman… NOT.

After all that happened in 2020 we no longer have time for that fake instagram life. Let's be real, we are all still tired, mentally exhausted and ready to crawl back into bed with our left over Christmas dinner and watch another re-run of our favourite 1990s show (Charmed. Come at me).

Covid through all its horror is giving us all time to reflect on what matters to us, what we value as a society and individually. But through that reflection also came a lot of new found revelations. Found your self thinking, why am I doing this? Well you aren’t alone. Job dissatisfaction is on the rise, yet job security, yeah lets not go there.

So you’re bummed about being back at work after the holidays, what can you do?! Start by taking a breath. You are not alone, many people are feeling this way and there are options out there. With our reflection time under our belt we now have more answers as to what we do want to do. So, it’s a great time to start making a list of what really matters to you. Start with these.

1) What are your top five life priorities?

What comes first? Kids? Partner? Family? Free time? Money? A hobby? Think about what it is you want to prioritise so you can let go of things that aren’t so important.

2) What are your top five work priorities?

More creativity in your role? A shorter commute? Flexible hours? Time at home? Time not working? A clear career progression? Is your current role giving you those things?

3) What are the five things right now that are making you not want to go back?

Crazy boss? Unreasonable work hours? Unrealistic timeframes? Boredom? What is making you want to crawl back into bed?

Now ask yourself, what is a way you can get more of what you want? What are some creative compromises? And how can you lean into things that feel better?

Maybe it’s a chat with your boss about reassessing your working hours or the flexibility in your office. Maybe it's simply reprioritising your life outside of work. Maybe it’s moving companies to one that suits your needs better. Or maybe it's time for a complete career change. A career that truly aligns with your priorities in life, one that works for you, not the bottom line.

You may not be able to take the leap immediately but starting to think about what really matters to you will help you align yourself with where you want to head. Giving you the strength to start moving in the direction that feels right.

Lila Marvell.

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