Career coaching for high strivers. People who want to make a big career change, but just don't know where to start.

Does this sound like you?



You're reevaluating your priorities, your lifestyle doesn't feel quite right anymore.


You feel like you should be doing something more with your life. 


The stress of your job is killing you (or at least making you sick).



You think about work 24/7 and just want to be able to turn off.


You never have time to enjoy life, let alone spend a night out with friends.


You're reevaluating your priorities, your lifestyle doesn't feel quite right anymore.

Who is this for?

You're successful, driven, and unfortunately completely unfulfilled.

You're at a time in your life when you are reassessing what is more important to you. 

You are no longer focusing on
making money.

You feel like you are meant for something bigger than what you are doing now.

You have a gut feeling of where you want to go; you are just too scared to say it out loud. (Don't worry it can be our secret)

This is not for?


People who want a quick fix. (Just tweak my resume and get me that job.)


People who aren't willing to dig deep into their value system. (Be ready to get uncomfortable)


People who aren't willing to do the work. I can't promise it will always be easy, but I can say it will be worth it)


What we will cover


What your true priorities are, and what you can let go of.





Support as you take your first steps into the unknown.

The jobs/ tasks that actually bring you joy.


Financial investigation and hopefully, freedom. (Trust me it's more fun then it sounds)


Tips and tricks to get that experience within your working life right now.

A step by step plan to go after your next role.

How it works.

We will be working together for 3 months, each fortnight we will catch up over video chat for one hour to go over your game plan. Working with strategies to get you from hopeless to, I can do this!


In between calls, you’ll get briefs to keep you on track, creating small and manageable steps which will move you closer and closer to your goal. You will be amazed by how far you have come in the three months we work together. 


Monthly payments of $500.

What people say


G. Flor

G. Kemp

E. Filer

If you had told me four years ago I would leave my corporate job to become a boxing coach I would have told you your dreaming! But here I am,
I couldn’t have made such a big change with out Lila’s guidance, she changed my life.  

I would never have progressed so quickly, if it wasn’t for Lila.
I can't thank her enough. 

Lila is one of the most supportive and transformative people I have ever met. Her knowledge and guidance has been invaluable to me. 

If you have made it once in your career, you can make it again.

That might sound cliche, but A types don't mess around. You're driven and most of the time persistent and impatient (I should know, that's me to a T) and that means you can succeed, even in a new direction.


If you are tired of trying to figure out the steps by yourself and are ready to make a change, you are in the right spot. I know a winner when I see one. Reach out and let's create a game plan to get you from meh to hell yes!